Dream Makers Fantom Frame
Ee SB1 O/N aa

Dream Makers Fantom Frame

Sabino White Frame Overo
Foaled: 6/28/05
Height: 31"
Registered: AMHA & AMHR
Not For Sale

We were shocked to see standing before us a snow white colt on 6/28/05 out of our fantastic mare "BUBS".  "TOPPER" is a "GRAND CHAMPION, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION, several 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place showings.  He is a top quality stallion that gives us WORLD CLASS OFFSPRING.  'TOPPER"  has the SB1 (sabino white gene), the RARE FRAME OVERO GENE (LWO+) and is genetically a black horse.  "TOPPER" is not a cremello stallion, as he is not a dilute horse, nor is he a grey horse, he was born snow white and will be snow white his entire life.  We are looking forward to "TOPPER" continuing the Oh Cisco line of great stallions. 

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