OH Cisco
Ee O/N aa

11/1980 - 1/2003

Black Frame Overo
Foaled: 11/1980
Height: 33.50"
Registered: AMHA & AMHR

"OH CISCO" was owned by Dr. Nancy McEachern, D.V.M.  Because he was one of the first extremely loud black and white frame overos, he started all of this interest in frame overos in miniature horses.  Because he was black and white, it made him very rare.  As a tribute to "OH CISCO" we have made this page to him.  He has sired a lot of frame overos, and we will continue this lineage with his sons and daughters.  Our goal is to not only produce loud black and white frame overos like Oh Cisco, but to make sure that we continue the show quality of each and every foal.  We want to create a dynasty of horses that can go on for generations.  The stallions and the mares that we have chosen from the Oh Cisco line when bred together create such fantastic horses as "PATCHES" our first cross and "TOPPER," our 2005 sabino white frame overo. We have several of the OH CISCO daughters, granddaughters, sons, grandsons, and great grandget. The resulting foals of the crosses that we have made with outside bloodlines is giving us fantastic conformation with gorgeous heads that exude show quality.


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