Cisco's Black and Blue
Ee n/n aa

Cisco's Black and Blue

Black Sabino Overo
Foaled: 2/7/99
Height: 33.50"
Registered: AMHA & AMHR
Not For Sale

"Blue" is another one of our herd sires, and half brother to Kid and C.K. Blue is coal black with sky blue eyes, thus his name Black and Blue.  His lineage includes Stouts Mister Pride, Dell Teras Moon Man and Dell Teras Clown.  Blue is a striking stallion with extremely long mane and tail.  He is a sabino overo, as he has been lab tested negative for the frame overo gene.  He has a beautiful dished head with small ears, short back, deep wide chest, and great conformation.  We call Blue our "model" horse, because he sires our pretty model babies that everyone loves.  His sire is also "OH CISCO" (see his page for more information).

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