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Welcome to Dream Maker Miniature Overo Horses. I hope you enjoy your visit with the horses and you will tell others about us. The frame overo pinto pattern is probably what brought you to our site.

In 1998, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Nancy McEachern, D.V.M., the foremost authority on frame overos. She was changing her breeding program from miniature horses to loud frame overo thoroughbreds registered with the Jockey club. We were lucky enough to get to know Nancy and she taught us about breeding frame overos. She owned "OH CISCO" and we were able to acquire some of the best offspring of Oh Cisco, and to continue the breeding of these loud colored minis.

The three herd sires we have are direct sons of "Oh Cisco". We also have a loud frame daughter from him, granddaughters, and grandsons plus great granddaughters of this famous black and white frame stallion. We think that "OH CISCO" was the very best of the frame overos.

In 2003, we were able to take part in a research study to find a test for the sabino gene at a University of Kentucky, Gluck University and the researchers found the SABINO WHITE GENE. The sabino gene that was discovered is called sabino white or SB1. One of our mares carried this very special gene, and passed it on to her offspring, as we had a white colt born here in 2005 that tested positive for the frame overo gene and SB1. We retained him for our breeding program, and "Topper" sired a PERFECT PATTERNED BLACK AND WHITE FRAME OVERO COLT named Refund that was sold to England. We have had several SB1 horses born that test positive for the frame overo gene and the SB1 gene. We do not have the other pinto patterns of tobiano and splashed white.

We have several videos throughout the website. They show "OH CISCO", and some of the frame horses that "OH CISCO" has sired. The pedigrees show the horses lineage and what pictures we could find of them. If you have pictures of any of the horses listed in the pedigrees, please e-mail them to us. We have Bond, Stouts, Bar L'S, Buckeroo, NFC, Roan Ranger, Gold Melody Boy, and NFC Rowdys Stylish Conclusion bloodlines, along with Komoko, Flying W Farms, 4 J's Silver Streaker, Mitasunke Huka, Chocolatico, Texans Big Bad John and of course "OH CISCO".

Our miniature horses have some of the finest bloodlines in the miniature horse world. The focus of our breeding program is to breed miniatures with good conformation and show quality with great color from the frame overo pinto pattern. Several of our horses have been sold to show homes, and are on the show circuit.

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